Considerations and Recommendations

Worst Case Scenario

Published on Monday, 12 October, 2020

"I need you to do this for me, or else I can't work with you anymore."

So here it is: the ultimatum. Armageddon. The client has asked for something and won't budge. They may even be your biggest client. Even worse, maybe they are your only client. I have suggestions: - Resolve TODAY that you will devote substantial time to marketing and getting additional clients and filling your pipeline. (Advice on this coming soon) - Realize that if you say "YES" to this request, the client owns you in a terrible way. If you MUST say yes to this request, make sure you realize that you MUST replace this client or FIX THIS RELATIONSHIP as SOON AS POSSIBLE. - Say "NO". You don't need this kind of client or this kind of relationship. You don't. If they want to fire you, they can, but please see this as the blessing it is. - Don't be scared. Or be scared, but realize that you managed to secure this client, you can secure another one. Better yet, others (plural) that won't make these demands.